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October 30 at 1:48am ยท Edited

Important Update :


It’s that time of year folks ! Preparations are well underway and the committee is pleased to announce that The Baja Christmas Party will be held on November 28th at the Brampton Irish Centre ( 20 Strathearn Ave #5, Brampton, ON)

Tickets will be made Available this upcoming Tuesday – And we’d love it if people can reserve their tickets by replying to this post.


There’s been a lot of detail and lessons learned that has been put into the event and it’s location towards ensuring everyone has a great time. We’ll also be donating any proceeds from the event to the Rutty Family.

Tickets will be $ 25.00 per person in advance per person for members and their significant others. These Tickets include Dinner and 3 Drink tickets per person. There is also a cash bar available.

Friends of Baja Tickets are also $25.00 per person. These include Dinner but do not include drink tickets and of course the folks can make use of the Cash Bar. The venue is larger ( and staffed well) than previous years and can accommodate the entire membership + significant others and even more friends of Baja that are not members currently. This may be a great way to encourage former members, suppliers, extended family and potential new members and sponsors to join us in the holiday spirit.

Besides Dinner and Drinks – The venue has a Dance Floor and there will be a special surprise DJ team present.

Stealing Secret Santa (same as last year) will be played. Those that wish to participate can bring a gift valued at 25.00 or less.

There will be a Raffle for Prizes on a prize table.

Awards Ceremony

We’d like to ask members now to start thinking about their experiences thru the year with the club and begin to think about nominations for Annual Club awards. No voting or nominations are needed yet – there will be a future post. Just get your thinking caps on.

Past Categories included:

Member of the Year
Most Wheeled
Best Baja Ambassador
Best New Build of 2014
Rookie of the Year
Most Improved Wheeler
There may be a few more categories added this year

Opportunities to Volunteer/Assist:

Decorating the Hall – A small team will be organized to decorate before the party. Please respond below if your family can assist

Donating your Oven ! – This years dinner will not be potluck per se as the club is purchasing food for dinner which will dramatically reduce workload and expense for all attending generally and ensure those with Dietary restrictions have a few items to eat. We do however need a few members to volunteer to help cook items in their ovens and bring to the event. Please Post below if your family can assist.

Reminders :

Drinking and Driving is illegal – but also just plain stupid. Don’t risk your investments in your Jeep, Your Passengers, or the innocent Public by drinking and driving. Cabs are a great option. So is a designated driver. There is No Volunteer Shuttle program planned this year.

The hall is equipped with Security and Professional bartenders. They will not likely overserve our members and guests. We are checking with the Facility and will update this post about the presence of minors and whether they will be allowed at all – but either way this is not being planned as an environment well suited for younger children.

Respect for all attendees is a sign of the season – and part of our clubs tradition and DNA.

We look forward to seeing you there !!!

Registration is now open ( Below ) !!!