Meeting Minutes – Tuesday, July 7

Meeting Minutes – Tuesday, July 7, 2015


New committee goals

Operational : Taking the strengths and styles of various comitees previos and applying them forward. ( Last year ‘s event’s, Angeo and Krista’s meeting style, Roy’s Fundraising etc etc ) will be applied going forward.

Baja as a Family
Baja’s Family atmosphere is legendary and keeping it is important – but where possible enhancing it thru keeping renewals high so that members experience influence is felt online not just on Tuesdays – as well as the sense of community and strong relationships that go beyond what we see on the surface. Also taking the extra time to support new members in their efforts to learn and to give people opportunities to showcase their talents on their terms – and maximum opportunity for Baja family members to help each other out

To help in that effort Here’s the plan we hope to execute to focus on Baja as a family.

A) An end of summer event for members will be added in addition to the Christmas Party.
B) more events ( Public newbie run and participation in general charity drives like toys for tots where it makes sense)
C) opportunities for people to both lead and participate on small projects and recieve recognition. For it.
D) More focus on new members and making it easy for them to integrate.
E) Offer New Payment methods to help both with membership and merchandise

OF4WD is critical and it’s going to be a big year for this organization we partner with and depend on especially with all the changes MNR is proposing.

The goals :
Attend OF4WD meetings and report back to the Club each time.
Participate and Lead the OF4WD where we can – Club of the year is possible.
Ultimately have much more BAJA influence at the OF4WD table.
Differentiate our vendor list from Of4WD’s to better support our vendors whom support our club and our members working in the industry that help us.

Information Distribution to Come
A Baja Photo library is already up in Beta and will roll out imminently.
OF4WD meeting updates

Website updates
Treasury and Merchandise inventory updates regularly
Website will have Merchandise information
A club operating manual for future committees will be available end of year.

July – Tonight 4 Wheel Parts Wing Night; July 18 OF4WD Newbie Run; July 19 Tim & Brenda’s Place

Upcoming BAJA events
Ardbeg August Long Weekend looks viable more to come.
There will ikely be 1 more newbie run this year.
More to come.

Member & Friends Updates
Scotch Line wheeling was a blast ! Fun stories and new nicknames were formed.
Future runs there make sense

Mackenzie Clevelend needs a set of 37’s Tie rod & has a budget boost lift available to anyone whom needs

Jamie Gulliver ( friend) needs a TV driveshaft. Pm him.

Jorge Gaspar needs 31 Tires on TJ rims for his next project.

?? has a front trackbar $75.00 for use with standard steering lifts
Also has rear D44 housing with shafts and 373 gears for $700
Also has factory JK flares.

Joel Bennett has a set of D44 ( front and rear) Gears 4.56 gears in his garage he may not want to move – PM him.