Meeting Minutes – Tues, July 21

Meeting Minutes July 21
Housekeeping Items…
Website is up and running with membership lists.
Merch site is running with Live Inventory
Gallery website is Running also

Business Cards – some invites were made available at the meet
50/50 Returns next week
Names were Submitted to 4 Wheel Parts.
We had a mild issue with Peel Police & Confederate Flag on the weekend. To combat this issue we strongly recommend BAJA flags – 30$ each till there gone !! Mark has them…
Trip Reports – Our Webmaster Peter loves them – and would like to use them as features on the webpage
Remember to report Trail Runs to OF4WD – You are entered into a draw at just jeeps and the OF4WD gets important data to use with MNR

Past Weeks Events…
Tim & Brenda’s
Informal 10 Day
OF4WD Newbie Run

New/Upcoming Events…
Wheels a Churning – Mud bog, 4×4 Event and ATV courses $40 + fees
World Record Run – Date has been set as September 19th.
All proceeds to wounded warriors – a charity helping canadian veterans with medical costs. They will be present at start and finish line. OPP escorts are likely. Veterans groups have been contacted and a “repatriation” turnout is anticipated. Initial estimates are 350-400 Trucks
Organizer needs help. Committee to be stuck shortly and BAJA is 95% likely to have a spot on it.
Currently Looking for an end site that can host well north of 300+ vehicles and a BBQ/food service for the participants.
This weekend ??
August Long Weekend – Ardebag – this seems to be a go and several members have mentioned they’ll be going.
Bobcaygeon – Jeremy Lalonde will be having his Birthday/ Project debut and there is a FB event for it also .
Family Members Moving – there is a bunch of people moving in August and September. If people can lend a hand…..

There are no meetings planned until after Camp NL

BAJA Plans…
Summer Picnic September ?? – ask for date suggestions
Newbie Run – September & November
Greens Mountain ??
Builds and New Toys
Matt Leal Grille
Jared tramp stamp ?
For Sale
Mackenzie’s Spacer Lift ?
Joel’s Gears ?
UV Covers

New Members – Victoria Oulton, Elliott Thompson, Julie Gebara & Stephen Praught, Lynn Johnson (LJ)