Meeting Minutes – Sept 30th, 2014

Meeting Minutes- Sept 30th.

Joel had to look after some family issues and was unable to make the meet. I will post on his behalf.

Rutty Family:
Paul, Ralph and I met with Roy Sunday to give him the money the club raised. A total of $1696 was donated and donations are still being accepted. Thank you for your support!

Discussion of hosting a BBQ for the family for further fund raising: looking for a location- open to suggestions. Looking to minimize costs (avoid permit fees).

Please respond to Stacie’s post regarding what club merchandise you are interested in.

Miscellaneous: Stephen John Hodder is looking to borrow a 35″ tire for the weekend to be used as a spare.

James Stoddart was the lucky winner of the 50/50 draw.

James will be taking Alyssa Cartman out for dinner Friday for her birthday with the money he won from the 50/50 🙂

Treasury update:
$2402 in BAJA pot.

Upcoming Events:
New for next week: Winching Maintenance How To hosted by Eddie Spaghetti.