Meeting Minutes for October 25, 2017

Meeting Minutes ~ October 24

~ Christmas party details:
The Frigate: A Firkin Pub
378 Queen St E,
November 18 or December 2:
– date will be decided the next couple days, need
to confirm with The Frigate if November 18 is
still available
– $25/person in advance or $30/person at the door
– please come and see me to sign up, The Frigate
has asked for numbers one week before

~ Facebook:
– we will stop doing poles on face book
– moving forward all profanity, sexual comments etc, will
be removed from both BAJA page and BAJA Friends
of pages, we must remember we have minors that are

~ OF4WD Membership:
– as of 2018 all members will be responsible for signing
up themselves, you should get an email stating to
renew, at that time I will provide the code to use to
receive membership at the discounted price for club
members…PLEASE NOTE: I will receive confirmations
for all members once they have signed up

~ Birthdays: Ron (Tuesday) and Kenny (this past Saturday)!
Happy birthday to you both!!!!

~ Halloween Contest:
– with our meet up next week being on Halloween, if
anyone is interested in ‘dressing up there rig’ we would
love to see how creative everyone can get, I know for
sure Amin will be doing it!!!