Code of Conduct 2018

2018 Code of Conduct

Dear Members,
Welcome to the BAJA Team.

There is a lot of information contained in our Code of Conduct, Principles and in this Guide! Believe it or not, however, there is even more information, though its impossible to list all, this Guideline for Success is a great start!

We have given you the basics, as we view them, and how we would like you to follow them. We want you to use the Code of Conduct and Principles that is shared in this Guideline for Success, along with your Common Sense, and above all, YOUR individuality, to help create an atmosphere that will encourage good times for our Members, and yourself. When this happens, you will be ensuring the success of not only BAJA, but also yourself.

Happy Wheeling!!!



BAJA Executive Committee

What is BAJA?

Brampton Area Jeep Association (BAJA) is a 4×4 non-profit association created exclusively for Jeep owners who enjoy the sport of off-roading. BAJA organizes non-competitive events such as our annual BAJA Show & Shine for the whole family to enjoy while fundraising for a local Charity. Our association also hopes to provide technical assistance and educational opportunities for its members.

BAJA welcomes drivers of all skill levels who own 4×4 Jeeps of any make, model or year.
The primary purpose and discussions at our Club meets:

1. Have Fun
2. Talk Jeep
3. Meet new friends
4. Conduct an all-inclusive meeting
5. Promote equality among all Jeep enthusiasts
6. Provide educational conversations about your Jeep

Executive Committee Mission

Brampton Area Jeep Association (BAJA) is dedicated to being the leading Off Road Membership Club in Ontario, by providing a unique and excellent experience to all our Members in a unique, distinctive and inviting surrounding.

We will earn Member loyalty by exceeding their expectations through consistent quality of wheeling fun, flexible approach and teachings and quick response to your Off Road requirements.

Our integrity and continuous practice of high ethical standards will create a sense of pride and long term commitment for everyone associated with the BAJA Club. We will maintain this approach and generate an excellent rate of return of Members Trust, Loyalty & Relationship.

Code of Conduct

A Code of Conduct is a set of Policies, Procedures, and Rules outlining the Responsibilities of or proper practices for an individual, party or organization. Related concepts include ethical codes and honour codes.

“Principles, values, standards, or rules of behaviour that guide the decisions, procedures and systems of an organization in a way that (a) contributes to the welfare of its key Members, and (b) respects the rights of all affected by its operations.



BAJA Members Code of Conduct


  1. Be an active Member in good standing, attend meetings and events whenever possible
    2. Support club by wearing BAJA gear whenever possible
    3. BAJA supports local business
    4. BAJA respects other local Jeep Clubs
    5. This is a FUN family oriented Jeep Club
    6. Read, Understand & Respect the Code of Conduct
    7. BAJA fully supports the OF4WD and its Policies
    8. Respect and be courteous to all Members
    9. BAJA Members Respect everyone and do not harass or discriminate anyone
    10. BAJA Members always welcomes new members as family
  2. ALL rules of the road apply while off road



Wheeling, Camping & Trail Etiquette





Trail Etiquette:

BAJA Memberships

BAJA welcomes drivers of all skill levels who own a 4×4 Jeep of any model or year. BAJA Members are to adhere to all Club Policies.


Members Responsibilities


BAJA Members are responsible for following the Code of Conduct. Failure to uphold the Code of Conduct may result in expulsion from the Club.
Disobedient Members


Members that violet the code of conduct may be warned, suspended or terminated from the Club by a majority vote by the current Committee any time of their membership. There shall be a 3-stage process before barring a Member from the Club.  Please review the code of conduct section. Some actions may cause immediate dismissal from the club:


Step 1 / Warning

Member will be warned


Step 2 / Suspension

Once there has been an escalating complaint about a member; the Committee will discuss with this member and inform the member they will be on suspension for a time frame delegated by the Committee.


Step 3 / Termination

Once there has been another escalating complaint about a member the Committee will inform the member, 3 strikes you’re out.